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At Milestone, we understand that where a student goes to college is an important decision, and ultimately, many factors impact that final choice. We also recognize the increasingly competitive framework of the college planning process where admission rates at most schools continue to decline. As such, having effective resources can often make an incredible difference in the options that surface. To this end, our experienced college advisors help students and parents develop a college plan and navigate the often confusing and overwhelming college application process, providing tools to enable success. Our goal at Milestone is to provide guidance and support in order to define and deliver college options. Our college advisors offer personalized assistance based on individual needs and goals. For many, this process can be one of self-discovery. We help explore and discover personal strengths and values. Our advisors help highlight academic accomplishments and provide assistance in selecting colleges that are a “best fit” for each student.

What is College Planning?

We pay attention to details and help guide students toward success. Ultimately, we hope that the college planning process delivers results that enable each student to be happy and thrive in their college of choice. From targeting a selection of schools, to college essay writing support and editing, resume assistance, application support, and test preparation, our Milestone team will be with you every step of the way. It’s never too early to start planning for college.

ACT tutoring at Milestone was the best investment I ever made. My daughter attended the ACT workshop prior to her first ACT in February. It was extremely helpful and she went into the test feeling very confident. Since she isn’t the best test taker, I opted to do individual tutoring for the next 2 tests. Everyone was so supportive and flexible in scheduling her sessions. In April she went up 2 points and another 2 points in June! In English she went up 6 points between the first and second test! Prior to each test, she was given a “care package” containing pencils, snacks and a bottle of water. I will use Milestone for any other tutoring needs and we will be scheduling an appointment to assist with the college essay!

Holly Colannino DiBenedetto Boca Raton, FL


  • Selection of College Target Schools – Our advisors work with you to develop a customized list of target schools based on individual interests and criteria. We look for “best fit” schools where students can thrive.
  • Essay and Resume Support and Editing – Milestone editors help develop essays and resumes. We work with you to creatively present your unique attributes and highlight your accomplishments. Plus, we review to ensure accuracy.
  • Application Support – Our advisors provide knowledge and help guide students through the application process, ensuring that applications are completed accurately and thoroughly.
  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Guidance – Our Financial Aid & Scholarship specialists help maximize potential awards and assist with forms such as CSS and FAFSA. Furthermore, we help identify institutional and outside scholarship opportunities.


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