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Courtney Fahn2021-10-04T09:34:31-04:00
Courtney Fahn
Courtney FahnCollege Advisor

Courtney Fahn joined Milestone College Prep in 2021 as a College Advisor. Prior to partnering with Milestone, Courtney worked as an independent college advisor in the northern Chicago suburbs, helping to guide high school students through the process of finding and applying to their “best fit” colleges. Before Courtney launched her career in college advising, she worked in Los Angeles in both production and public relations, and in the Chicago area in social media content development. Courtney attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in journalism and the other in communication arts. She also received her certificate of College Advising from University of California San Diego. Courtney is a current member of IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) and NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling). Courtney enjoys identifying the unique needs of each student in order to help select colleges where they will thrive socially, emotionally, academically while balancing the family’s financial commitment. Her own two children are headed off to college in the fall of 2021, and Courtney is excited to see them both grow and thrive as they embrace college life!

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Courtney Fahn

Courtney Fahn

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