Digital SAT

Here’s a snapshot of the exciting changes planned for the SAT, including both the way the test will be taken/administered (Testing Platform) and test content (SAT Redesign).

SAT Testing Platform

  • The SAT will be transitioning from a paper test to 100% digital by spring 2024.
  • The first digital test will be the PSAT offered in fall 2023. Students will be required to utilize their own device wherever they are testing.
  • The March 2024 SAT will be 100% digital. (Paper testing will be completely eliminated.)
  • Testing will still take place at an official test center and students must still register for a specific test site.
  • Students will be required to bring and use their own device (laptop or tablet) to take the test. Students without access to a device must request a device when registering for the test. Those students will be given a device when they arrive at their test center to use throughout the test.
  • Each student in a testing center will receive a unique test.
  • The new digital platform will allow for flexibility with testing time windows/dates. Moreover, the SAT may offer afternoon testing windows and add additional test dates.

 SAT Redesign

  • The redesigned SAT will be shorter in length, moving from the current three-hour test to two hours. The test will be comprised of two sections (Section 1: Reading and Writing and Section 2: Math). Students will have a break in between the 2 sections. The total score will continue to be out of 1600.
  • The new SAT will use an adaptive testing model where test questions become easier or harder based on student performance on prior questions (if a student gets a first series of questions wrong, for instance, test questions become easier and vice versa).
  • Long passages in the Reading section will be replaced with shorter texts where there is one question per short passage.
  • A calculator can be used throughout the entire Math section.
  • Test scores will be available within a few days versus the current 10-14 day timeframe.
  • A career tool in the students’ score report will provide them with information about how their SAT score connects to career opportunities and paths.
  • Early this fall (2022), College Board will release full length practice tests for both the digital PSAT and digital SAT.

For more information, feel free to click on the link below.

Digital SAT – Spring (March) 2024 in the US