Milestone Services Include

Milestone Services Include

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College Planning | ACT/SAT Prep | College Application Help

College Planning

At Milestone, we understand that where a student goes to college is an important decision, and ultimately, many factors impact that final choice.

We also recognize the increasingly competitive framework of the college planning process where admission rates at most schools continue to decline. As such, having effective resources can often make an incredible difference in the options that surface.

ACT/SAT Test Prep

Students and parents often ask whether their student should take the ACT or the SAT. This usually depends on the student’s strengths and preferences.

At Milestone, students can take full proctored ACT and/or SAT tests to determine which test is better for them. Then, students can discuss prep alternatives with our Milestone staff.  We make every effort to provide ACT Prep and SAT Prep options that fit various student needs, learning styles and budgets.

College Applications

Applying to colleges can seem overwhelming. Depending on your college list, you may need to complete and submit multiple applications for schools, each with differing requirements and unique deadlines.

Milestone advisors help demystify the process with their in-depth knowledge and experience. Students and parents work individually with Milestone experts to accurately and effectively complete and submit college applications on time.

Other Services

Milestone offers a variety of other services including essay editing, subject tutoring and financial aid guidance.

Our team of experienced tutors and college advisors work with students – and their parents – to meet their individual needs as they prepare for the college admissions process. Families can choose a holistic approach to college prep or select specific experience. Contact us today for more information about a customized plan to suit you and your child’s needs as they prepare for college.

College Acceptances

At Milestone, we believe that a student’s best fit school is where he or she will thrive academically, socially, emotionally, and financially (affordability). It is important to explore options and find the right place for your student to achieve his or her best!
Here is a list of some of the colleges our students have gained admissions. We are very proud of the diverse list of schools as well as our hard-working students!!

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