Milestone College Prep Specializes In

Milestone College Prep Specializes In

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Why Work With Us?

Whether you are just beginning the college prep process or you are looking to augment the services provided by your high school college counselor, Milestone can help. At Milestone, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to meet the individual needs of students and parents. Whether families choose a holistic approach to college prep or desire specific expertise or knowledge, Milestone offers the flexibility to create a plan and select services that work for you.

We help students find a school where they can thrive and achieve their best.

Our Story

Milestone is a business that evolved over time, mainly in response to the needs of our customers. Initially, we began by tutoring students for the ACT and SAT and helping with college essays. But, then, it became clear that students and their parents wanted more. Eventually Milestone was born and now we are a great team of tutors and advisors who help guide students through the college process. What’s unique about Milestone is that we offer assistance at any time throughout the process. Some students retain our services for years while others pop in and out. So, regardless of where students – and parents – are in the process, the Milestone team is here to help.

Our Mission

At Milestone we are in the business of guiding, advising, and coaching students and their parents through the challenging college admissions process. Our team of tutors and advisors consistently deliver professional expertise and personal support to students and parents who choose services based on individual need. Through this unique approach we help students learn, grow, and realize their potential. Together, we create possibilities and empower families to confidently navigate this important journey. With our guidance, Milestone students ultimately become the pilots of their own success.

Core Values

  • Maintain client confidentiality

  • Focus on our strengths and remain positive

  • Treat others with respect and ensure others do as well

  • Be honest and forthcoming with information

  • Communicate with and respond to others in a timely manner

  • Build confidence and encourage progress

  • Share best practices

  • Be empathetic

  • Foster a “best fit” approach to the college process

Available Services

College Planning

Our experienced advisors work with students and parents to create a college plan. After identifying a target list of colleges, we help guide students through the process to ensure a successful outcome.


Our experienced tutors work with students individually to provide ACT & SAT tutoring. Tutors also help students gain knowledge, skill, and competency in a variety of subjects.

College Application Help

Our experts provide valuable knowledge and support to students throughout the application process. We also help edit essays and resumes and offer a full suite of financial aid services.