For many students, the college process is a time of exploration. Our Milestone college advisors can help you discover options and develop a college plan that will work for you.


Engaging in the college process is a must. From preparing for standardized tests to submitting applications, there is much work to be done. Our Milestone team is here to support you whenever you need us.


Ultimately, our goal at Milestone is to empower your success. We believe there is a great college fit for each individual, a place where each student can thrive and embrace success.

Our experienced advisors work with students and parents to create a college plan. After identifying a target list of colleges, we help guide students through the process to ensure a successful outcome.

Our experienced tutors work with students individually to provide ACT & SAT tutoring. Tutors also help students gain knowledge, skill, and competency in a variety of subjects.

Our experts provide valuable knowledge and support to students throughout the application process. We also help edit essays and resumes and offer a full suite of financial aid services.


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Meet The Milestone Team

Jennifer McKenzie Founder/Principal

Laura Clarkson Director of College Advising

Paola Molero Manager, Client Relations and Administration

Heather Elliott Test Prep Coordinator and Team Lead

Why Choose Milestone?

Whether you are just beginning the college prep process or you are looking to augment the service provided by the high school college counselor, Milestone can help. At Milestone, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to meet the individual needs of students and parents. Whether families choose a holistic approach to college prep or desire specific expertise or knowledge, Milestone offers the flexibility to create a plan and select services that work for you.

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