Test Prep Testimonials


“I had Samantha and Garry as my tutors. They were absolutely amazing and definitely helped me improve in all sections of the ACT. I have already recommended Milestone to my friends and it is also working for them as well.”

ACT Test Prep Student

“I absolutely love my tutors they were so great at not only teaching me but making me feel comfortable in the sessions”

Test Prep Student

“Laura and Raquel prepared me so well for my ACT. I felt extremely confident going into the exam. I cant thank them enough for all the help!”

High School Student

“I thought Barry was amazing and I learned so much from him. I always felt really excited to go to him”

High School Student

“Milestone not only helped me improve my ACT scores by 4 points but also put me in the best position to get into the colleges I applied to. I was accepted into my dream school and received scholarships I would have never known were available.”

Student at West Boca High School

College Advising Testimonials


“Thanks Jen for all your past help! You have definitely celebrated successes with us! We appreciate all your help!”

Happy Mom

“This was such a great process. Previously, I was thinking about declaring a business major, not really knowing what I wanted to do. Now, I have so much more direction…”

Sara L.

“My Milestone experience was absolutely phenomenal. My college advisor could not have done a better job in helping me throughout the entire process and I am extremely grateful. Thank you for everything!”

College Advising Student

“With Jen’s help I got into every school that I applied to and ended up at the school I ultimately wanted to be at and there’s no doubt that I couldn’t have done it without her! I was always sure that help for my applications was in the right hands. I really can’t thank her enough!”

Parent of a High School Student