Attending your first college advising or test prep appointment can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re getting into. At Milestone College Prep, our goal is to make your first trip with us as convenient and stress-free and possible. Once you know how to prepare for test prep or college advising and what to expect at your appointment, you can start looking forward to the positive benefits of test prep.

What to Expect During Your First College Advising Appointment

If your appointment is a Meet and Greet appointment, your family will have a chance to meet with the college advisor, discuss what you would like to accomplish with the help of a college advisor (be it high school course selection, activities enhancement, etc.) and then college selection. From there, the college advisor will explain how we go about aiding our students and families.

Once a client/family is established, the first meeting is more in-depth. The advisor will want to see transcripts, have an activities list, and then speak to the student to understand what they enjoy and hope for in their future college experience. This is a crucial appointment for the advisor to get to know the student on a deeper level.

What to Expect During Your Test Prep Appointment

Students will come into Milestone for both a Baseline ACT and SAT. They will then meet with an Advisor for a TPC (Test Prep Consultation) to determine which test is the better option for them based on the baseline scores, any accommodations a student has, which colleges they wish to apply to, or anything else that may help determine which test the student is best suited for. 

Once our Advisor has made their recommendation, the student will sign-up for Test Prep with both an English and Math tutor (and Science if taking ACT). We recommend about 2 months of test prep before taking the first standardized test. Students will meet with both tutors once a week and should expect homework weekly. We also recommend that students come into Milestone on the weekends to take practice tests in order to simulate test day as best as possible.

After the student has taken their first official SAT or ACT, they will meet with an advisor again for a TPF (Test Prep Follow-up). This meeting will serve to ensure that the current Test Prep plan is still the right path, and if there are any changes that need to be made (such as switching to a different test or focusing on a specific subject more) then those will be addressed at that time.

Make Your First Appointment

Milestone College Prep can help you manage the stress and load that comes with the college process. If you’d like to set up a visit with us in our Boca Raton office, please call us at (561) 470-7100.