College Advisor Bios

Jen McKenzie, Founder and Principal

Jen McKenzie founded Milestone Academic Planning, LLC, in 2014 as a full-service college advising, test preparation and tutoring company. In 2016, the company was renamed Milestone College Prep to better reflect the services offered. A former managing partner of Collegiate Consulting Services, Inc. Jen has been counseling students in the South Florida area since 2009. She is a vetted Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and has completed the Certificate Program in Counseling at UCLA. In addition, Jen completes ongoing continuing education through both IECA and SACAC, the Southern Association of College Admissions Counselors, and personally tours many colleges each year.

Jen grew up in Boca Raton and earned her BA in English from Florida Atlantic University. She spent the first eight years of her career as a campus recruiter, traveling extensively and interviewing candidates throughout the country. In 2004, Jen began tutoring students for the SAT/ACT and assisting with college essays. Since that time, Jen has launched and built Milestone College Prep into a successful company comprised of uniquely qualified advisors and tutors who have helped guide hundreds of students and their parents through the increasingly competitive college process.

Laura Clarkson, Director of College Advising Laura Clarkson has worked as a college advisor at Milestone College Prep since 2011 and is member of SACAC, the Southern Association for College Admissions Counselors, and IECA, the Independent Educational Consultants Association. Laura is consistently expanding her knowledge of the college admissions process through campus visits, industry workshops, and continuing education. Laura earned her BA from the University of Delaware and her MSW from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. She grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland and moved to Boca Raton with her husband from the Washington, DC area in 1999. Laura previously worked as a social worker in a specialized educational setting, advocating for her students as she helped them find the appropriate school program to meet their individual needs. She loves working with high school students and watching them grow and mature as they prepare for college. One of her favorite parts of her work is identifying “best fit” schools with her students and sharing in their successes after they receive test scores and admissions notifications!

Tracy Thele, College Advisor Tracy Thele joined Milestone College Prep in 2016 as an Associate College Advisor and Athletic Recruiting Specialist. Prior to that, Tracy worked as a coach for both high school and travel teams where she gained experience counseling students through the college process. Tracy is a member of SACAC, the Southern Association for College Admissions Counselors, and is currently enrolled in the Certificate Program in Counseling at UCLA. Tracy is actively involved in the college advising process, attending events such as the SUS (State University System) Florida Admissions Tour, participating in online seminars, and regularly touring college campuses. Tracy, a former Division 1 Collegiate Athlete herself, is also extremely knowledgeable about the college athletic recruiting process and its vast governing rules and regulations. Tracy grew up in Westerville, Ohio, and earned her BA in Psychology at Miami University, and her MS in Sport Psychology at Utah State University. She moved to Boca Raton in 2004 with her husband and three children. Throughout her 20-year career, Tracy has worked as a Sport Psychology Consultant and Athletic Coach. Tracy also worked in the Education Division at Covey Leadership Center. Tracy brings with her extensive knowledge and a passion to drive results. Tracy is recognized for her unfettered enthusiasm and ability to bring out the best in her students and their parents as they manage the college admissions process.

Marjorie Licht, College Advisor Marjorie Licht joined Milestone College Prep in 2018 as an Associate College Advisor. Prior to partnering with Milestone, Marjorie worked as an independent college advisor, helping to guide high school students through the state and private university application process. Marjorie strives to recognize the unique needs of each student in order to help him or her identify colleges that are a good “fit”. Marjorie helps families navigate the complicated college admissions process such that each student achieves a successful outcome. In addition, Marjorie has extensive knowledge and insight into the medical school admissions process. She has direct experience with both medical school admissions committees and interview panels. Marjorie assists students in selecting medical schools, completing applications, and highlighting accomplishments. From the intricacies of the AMCAS or the AACOMAS (for D.O. programs) to interviewing strategies and CASPer requirements, Marjorie ensures that each medical school application is the strongest it can be. Marjorie is a member of SACAC, the Southern Association for College Admissions Counseling, and the American College Counseling Association. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia University School of Engineering, and her certificate of College Advising from University of California San Diego. Marjorie’s three children attend a variety of undergraduate universities including both in-state and out-of-state public schools, and a liberal arts college.

Pascal Papillon, College Advisor Pascal Papillon is one of our newest college advisors at Milestone College Prep. Previously, Pascal worked as an admissions counselor and advisor for Keiser University’s Online Division in Fort Lauderdale. There, he assisted students with selecting academic courses, obtaining financial aid assistance, and achieving overall success. Pascal brings with him a unique perspective given his role in college admissions as well as his comprehensive understanding of the overall process. Pascal also worked as a Supplemental Instruction Supervisor at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), where he oversaw the development and implementation of tutoring sessions for historically challenging course subjects. He earned his BA from Florida Atlantic University and his MS from Nova Southeastern University. Pascal completed his required practicum courses at NSU and FAU by assisting with undergraduate advising and helping at risk students improve test taking, time management, and study skills. Pascal genuinely enjoys supporting student development through a holistic approach. Pascal is a member of SACAC, the Southern Association of College Admissions Counselors, and has completed training in conflict resolution as well. Pascal was born in Chicago and moved to Coral Springs with his family when he was young. In his spare time, he enjoys attending Indie music concerts, frequenting museums, and attending local automotive shows and events across South Florida!

Christina Assal, College Advisor Christina Assal recently joined Milestone as a college advisor. Christina is a certified and seasoned college planner with significant experience working in both college admissions and high school college guidance. Specifically, Christina spent five years as Assistant Director of Admissions at FAU’s Honor College in Jupiter. Then, she served as a college planner for twelve years working in both public and private high schools in South Florida. Christina has extensive expertise in both writing and communications. Christina completed her undergraduate education at the University of Florida (UF) majoring in English. She also gained a master’s degree from UF in Social Science and Communications. Christina is a South Florida native and mother of two. She loves the ocean and spending time outdoors with her family. Christina is also an amateur thespian with The Florida Seaside Players.

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