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5 Ways ACT Prep Can Help You Get Into The College of Your Dreams

ACT Prep Should Be A No-Brainer

Although many college admissions boards tend to look at the overall picture of a student, scores on standardized tests like the ACT are typically one important component of your application file. ACT prep can make a big difference as it can help you build the skills and strategies you need to do your best. Plus, test prep can help you mentally prepare for test day.

Read on to learn 5 ways ACT prep can help you into the college of your dreams.

Finding the right ACT prep

ACT preparation comes in various forms and it is important that you find the type of test prep that works best for your learning style. Different options include personal tutors, large or small in-person workshops, online classes and prep guidebooks. Often a combination of several types can help you develop the essential skills to do well. It is important to take the time to explore your options. Then make the investment of both money and time to ensure success.

#1 Defining your target schools

ACT preparation and understanding your potential can help you narrow your college list down to those that are the best fit for you. Selecting the best school for you requires considering many factors, including quantitative measures such as standardized test scores and school grades. When you prepare for the ACT, you’re gaining an understanding of your performance abilities and how you can improve. That information can be helpful as you work to develop a good list of target schools.

Why does this matter?

Proper preparation can enable you to be more competitive in the admissions process.

Achieving good scores on your ACT can help you be more competitive in the admissions process. Excellent scores do not guarantee admission but score lower than your potential can impact your success. Many colleges continue to consider standardized test scores as one of many important factors in their decision to admit a student.

#2 Learn strategies essential for college

ACT prep can help you improve your scores but a focused effort over time can help you develop good study habits for college. With ACT Prep you can learn content knowledge and test-taking strategies. These lessons can benefit you in college as well.

#3 Even minor improvements can look good

Even a small gain in test scores on standardized tests can make a difference when it comes to college admissions. Showing that you are committed to improving your scores and achieving your best can make a positive impression on a college admissions committee.

#4 Showing your willingness to work hard

Effectively engaging in ACT prep requires effort, persistence, time management and dedication. A strong work ethic will benefit you throughout your college career and beyond.

What’s next?

#5 After you receive your ACT scores

When you register for the ACT, there is an option to send your score reports to four schools of your choice at no charge. While this may be appealing, it may not always be the best idea. This often depends on the type of schools to which you are applying and what they require. Recognize, though, that there is no advantage to submitting ACT scores early other than saving money ($12 per score report to each school if requested by a specific date).

Bottom line.

Also, if your scores are not what you had expected, your selected schools will be able to view those scores. Sometimes, it can be a better choice to wait until you receive your results and send your scores during the application process.

Regardless, always remember that ACT prep can help you achieve your best!

Jennifer McKenzie5 Ways ACT Prep Can Help You Get Into The College of Your Dreams