Tracy Thele
Tracy TheleCollege Advisor

Tracy Thele joined Milestone College Prep in 2016 as a College Advisor and Athletic Recruiting Specialist. Prior to that, Tracy worked as a coach for both high school and travel teams where she gained experience counseling students through the college process. Tracy is a member of SACAC, the Southern Association for College Admissions Counselors, and has completed the Certificate Program in Counseling at UCLA. Tracy is actively involved in the college advising process, attending events such as the SUS (State University System) Florida Admissions Tour, participating in online seminars, and regularly touring college campuses. Tracy, a former Division 1 Collegiate Athlete herself, is also extremely knowledgeable about the college athletic recruiting process and its vast governing rules and regulations. Tracy grew up in Westerville, Ohio, and earned her BA in Psychology at Miami University, and her MS in Sport Psychology at Utah State University. She moved to Boca Raton in 2004 with her husband and three children. Throughout her 20-year career, Tracy has worked as a Sport Psychology Consultant and Athletic Coach. Tracy also worked in the Education Division at Covey Leadership Center. Tracy brings with her extensive knowledge and a passion to drive results. Tracy is recognized for her unfettered enthusiasm and ability to bring out the best in her students and their parents as they manage the college admissions process.

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