During the college application process, there are a ton of new things coming at you left and right. It’s an entirely different process than most are accustomed to and many times, terms are used that you may not be familiar with. Some of these terms refer to the type of admission for which you are applying. It is worthwhile to review the options when determining your college application strategy. Always directly check the school’s website to ensure that you are meeting all applicable deadlines.

Early Decision

If a student applies to a school Early Decision (ED) that student can only apply to that ONE school ED. Students/Parents are typically required to sign a binding contract so that if the student is accepted he/she MUST ATTEND. ED application deadlines are usually around November 1st and students find out admission decisions by mid-December. Students should only apply ED if they are certain that school is their top choice.

Restricted Early Action

If a student applies to a school under a Restricted Early Action (REA) option, that student can apply to only that ONE school EA, and they are prohibited from applying ED to any other school. The REA deadlines are typically around early November and students find out admission decisions by mid-December or January. REA decisions are non-binding.

Early Action

Schools that offer  Early Action (EA) deadlines typically require students to submit their applications by November 1st and decisions are available between mid-December and mid-January. Students who are admitted EA can choose whether to attend that school (EA decisions are non-binding).

Regular Decision

Applying for Regular Decision typically requires a student to apply by January 1st and admissions decisions are made by April 1st. Students can apply to as many Regular Decision schools as they choose.

Note: Many public universities had regular application deadlines prior to January 1st. For instance, UF’s deadline is November 1st and admission decisions are released in mid-February. Again, always check the school’s website for specific application deadlines.

Rolling Admission

Applying to a school with Rolling Admissions means that the school continues to make acceptance decisions until the freshman class is full. Students typically obtain college admission decisions 4-6 weeks after their application file has been submitted in full.

Priority Deadline

Some colleges offer Priority Deadlines meaning there is an early deadline for priority decisions with regard to admissions and/or financial aid. Note that colleges with priority deadlines often accept a majority of their students from the priority applicant pool. In addition, scholarships are often tied to the priority deadline, so students should make every effort to submit applications by the priority deadline.

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