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The Common Application vs. The Coalition Application

The Common Application – What is it?

The Common App is used by over 700 colleges and universities; it is the largest college application system. The Common App allows students to compile and submit their applicant information to multiple schools from one platform. Over one million students use the Common App each year.

Because students can apply to many different colleges using one standard application, the Common App is both efficient and popular among students and colleges. Be aware, however, that many schools that use the Common App also have additional requirements like supplemental essays. To find out more, or to review Common App essay prompts, go to:


The Coalition Application – What is it?

The Coalition Application, launched in 2016, is being used by over 90 colleges, including all the Ivy Leagues, Stanford, and the University of Florida. It was developed by the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success (CAAS) in an effort to “increase college access and revamp the way that students apply to college.” 

Compared to the Common Application which has over 700 member colleges, the CAAS has a much smaller member number – just over 100 – and each member college must meet criteria like affordable tuition, need-based aid, and a six-year graduation rate of 70% or higher. Most of the Coalition schools are accepting other application platforms.

It is important to note that the University of Florida ONLY accepts the Coalition Application.

For more information, or to review Coalition App essay prompts, go to:

Lynn BohnThe Common Application vs. The Coalition Application