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Finding Your College Major and Career Path

One of the challenges in the college process for many students is identifying a major – or career path – that they want to pursue. A recent Penn State study shows that up to 50% of college bound students are “undecided” about their majors and up to 80% change majors at least once while in college. This indecisiveness can result in added college expenses as students must often take additional classes to fulfill college requirements for the major they ultimately choose.

Find your innate aptitudes and leverage your personal interests to identify a college major that’s right for you.

Certainly, deciding on a major – and a career path – can be a complicated and overwhelming process. From our years of working with students we recognize and understand this challenge. As such, we are proud to offer a service, specifically for our students, called Milestone’s Career Discovery Process. Through this comprehensive process, we can help students and parents make more informed decisions.

You may be surprised at what you learn. Many students – and parents – don’t necessarily recognize natural strengths.

The process utilizes an evaluation tool called YouScience. This online, scientific program takes students through a series of assessments designed to determine their unique aptitudes. Many of the well-known assessment tools we used previously focused more on students’ interests, but with the YouScience assessment, we can now go beyond what we already know and learn more about natural strengths and underlying potential. The YouScience tool uses a proprietary algorithm to match a student’s aptitudes and interests with over 500 careers and supporting educational paths. This in-depth analysis better enables us – students, parents, and advisors – to evaluate possible majors and career paths and help target potential colleges, too.

This was such a great process. Previously, I was thinking about declaring a business major, not really knowing what I wanted to do. Now, I have so much more direction…

Sara L.

Milestone’s Career Discovery Process – FAQs

What if I am not interested in potential careers identified through the YouScience assessment?2021-10-06T08:12:24-04:00

We recognize and appreciate that a student’s discovery process is important and that considering a student’s interests is a critical part of that process. When students meet with a Milestone College Advisor, they evaluate interests, aptitudes, and preferences as they consider potential options that support long-term career goals and aspirations.

How is the YouScience assessment different from other career assessments?2021-10-06T08:11:53-04:00

YouScience works to evaluate and disclose a student’s intrinsic aptitudes. Interestingly, research shows that by the age of 15, most people’s aptitudes are established. Yet, sometimes it is challenging to recognize exactly where our competencies lie. Through scientific algorithms, the YouScience assessment identifies a student’s unique aptitudes and interests and links those to potential careers.

How does it work?2021-10-06T08:11:21-04:00

Each student completes a 90-minute, online assessment, developed by a company called YouScience. The assessment can be completed all at once or over the course of several days. A Milestone College Advisor reviews the results of the assessment within 48 hours and a meeting is scheduled with the student and his/her parents to discuss the report. A follow-up meeting is also scheduled to further explore potential career opportunities and relevant college majors.

Why is this important?2021-10-06T08:10:46-04:00

Some students know exactly what career they want to pursue, yet, many students do not. Moreover, many students change majors at least once while in college. While our college application process works to find “best fit” schools, Milestone’s Career Discovery Process works to identify “best fit” careers. Ultimately, we hope to help students find a career path – and a college major – that is both satisfying and purposeful.

What is it?2021-10-06T08:10:15-04:00

Milestone College Prep offers an exciting service called Milestone’s Career Discovery Process . Our process uses a scientific methodology combined with college advising to approach the student’s self-discovery process. By identifying natural aptitudes and discussing personal interests, we can target potential careers that align with a student’s innate abilities. Furthermore, we can help select a college major that prepares the student for that field.

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