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College Admissions and the Holistic Approach

Many college representatives have offered their perspective on what colleges look for during the admissions process. Of course, each school has its unique approach but there are be some important trends. Specifically, more and more schools are moving toward a holistic approach to student evaluation. What does this mean exactly? Previously, certain schools would assess

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Finding a Good Fit Between a Student and a College

At Milestone our college advisors often talk about a “good fit”. Perhaps that’s worth an explanation. Good fit between a student and a college basically means four things to us: the fit should be right academically, financially, socially, and emotionally. Academic Fit Academic fit may be the most obvious. First, the college should have classes

The Common Application vs. The Coalition Application

The Common Application – What is it? The Common App is used by over 700 colleges and universities; it is the largest college application system. The Common App allows students to compile and submit their applicant information to multiple schools from one platform. Over one million students use the Common App each year. Because students

Managing the Maybe

Dear Parents and Students, Let’s talk about managing the maybe. In the world of college admissions, there is nothing better than a yes. In some cases, that yes feels (and probably is) akin to winning the lottery; at the very least it is a validation that your hard work and effort have paid off and